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Hello Darkerside.
I to have a Nazca Fuego from LLB, and was interested to read your coments.
I also find the drive train loud,& clunky, so am looking at the Fallbrook Nuvinci N360 in the rear wheel, and a Schlumph speed drive up front. I know this will be a little costly, but hopfully it will pay for it’s self over the years with the lack of maintance.
I have only had the bike for little over a year,{covering about 2500 miles} and have already gone through two cassetts,a chain { OK two & a half} and a inner & outer cable. Plus a set of jocky wheels. And there wasn’t even that much grit/salt on the roads last winter.
A belt drive would be nice, But I have yet to see one made long enough for a recumbent. How do you find your return roller. I hear they can be quite noisy.
I like your hydro pack system. I still use two bottles under the seat, but will try out your system, if I can fit it in my top box. ( £8.00 from Homebase, held on with zip ties)
I will continue to watch your blog with interest. Safe cycling
Regards Russell in sunny Oban. (Well it was this week)

The drivetrain is now fine, so long as it’s well oiled and clean – there’s a fairly low tolerance to grunt. That being said the current setup, along with a wipe down and re-oil weekly, seems to run fairly smoothly. Strongly recommend paying for a chain which is plated (this is my current favourite for bang/buck).

Return roller is ok, and significantly better once I took it off and cleaned it! The rubber grommet thing the chain runs over (on the pulley bed, for want of a better description) can get thoroughly packed down with dirt.

I see we’re back to the white cloud again. Still warm, mind.

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