The Bloke (and contact details)


Dry spaghetti. For the distinguished gentleman.

I’m Rob.  I am neither Australian, nor do I play the bass.  I acquired a recumbent in early July 2011, and created this blog shortly afterwards to catalogue a variety of minor adventures thereafter. Whilst the bulk of posts are likely to be recumbent related, I may meander gently onto other topics as described on the ‘About the Blog’ page.

I currently live in south Glasgow, and commute via bicycle and train a sixty mile round trip daily. I don’t recommend spending the best part of four hours a day travelling, but if you have to at least pick a method where you can either be asleep or outdoors.

I’m married to one of the fine ladies in the classical saxophone quartet Sax Ecosse and stumble around on a baritone sax myself from time to time. I volunteer with St John Ambulance and British Red Cross and also run the first aid information website Tower Medical.

I have a background in maths and statistical analysis (can I talk to you about supersonic rats?), and currently work as a project manager.

Contact details

Although I appear as Darkerside on a variety of forums, I generally go by the name Rob. If you want to get in touch, try rob [at] darkerside [dot] org, use @darkerside on Twitter, or try out the contact form below.