I’m Rob, and I write about cycling (and some other stuff). Mainly about stuff around Glasgow, and often regarding recumbents (mine’s the weird orange white lying-down bike you might have seen around).

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Review of NCT antenatal classes

We went through the free NHS antenatal classes, and the National Childbirth Trust’s paid offerings. Using no cycling knowledge at all, here’s a comparison of the two… Slightly specific to Glasgow, but probably applies broadly to most of the UK.

ASA censors cycling safety ad

Today, the Advertising Standards agency released a statement saying that a cycling safety ad had been banned because not everyone wore a helmet, and some cyclists were more than 50cm from the gutter. All future ads which don’t comply will also be banned. If that’s not OK with you, read on.

Saving Shawlands

I wrote recently about why an increase in parking charges is not the reason Shawlands is dying as a high street. As it’s nice and easy to just criticise the suggestions of others, I thought I’d have a bash at actually working out what the problems were. (If you’re in a rush – it’s cars…)