The DarkerSide “review in haiku”

As a trial thing in 2016 I’m going to start every review with a short summary. I get that it can be irritating to have to plough through an essay to work out whether the product under review is even remotely relevant to you; hopefully I can give you an early steer on whether it’s worth reading to the end.

That’s the benefit to you, dear reader. To keep things interesting for me, I’m going to write the summary as a haiku.

Or rather, a bastardised western version of a haiku. There’s unlikely to be a delicate juxtaposition of mental images or elegant capture of a season, but I will (probably) stick to three lines and the 5-7-5 syllable restriction.

I’ll keep doing this for as long as I still find it amusing. Or until someone pays me to stop.

PS: This idea is very heavily influenced by hum of the city‘s six word review.

PPS: The first one is on the review of VeloViewer. Get It Here, as it were.

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