Lying down on the job – the Nazca Fuego

So, a recumbent bike.  Wassat then?

Pretty picture by Gare Loch

As artfully depicted above, lounging by the side of Gare Loch, the Nazca Fuego is a strange looking thing.  As pictured, she includes:

  • Steel frame, with aluminium boom (silver bit at the front)
  • 20” front and 26” rear wheels
  • Bizarre tiller steering thing, attached to a somewhat narrow set of handlebars
  • A wing mirror
  • Pannier racks (under seat) and another rack at the back
  • 27 gears, ranging from fairly spinny to quite high
  • Staggeringly comfortable seat
  • More chain than you can shake a stick at

The seat can be adjusted in angle, from the lowest position it’s in here to one that gets you approaching eye level with most car drivers.  This is all cunningly achieved by a pair of quick release skewers that slot through the triangular silver piece under the seat, and works really well.  Note that should you remove the pannier rack make sure you space out the skewers with suitable washers, otherwise you run the risk of the seat hilariously raising under heavy braking.

The seat also has a single shock absorber linking to the read wheel forks, which takes some of the pain away from potholes and cattle grids.  

I’ll add more detail than any sane person would ever want to read in due course, but for those who can’t wait to try one out I can’t recommend David at Laid Back Bikes highly enough.

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