Cold & Dark Ride II

Having missed the first Cold & Dark Ride organised throught the Glasgow Fixed Gear forum due to a front brake cable deciding that existance as two separate halves was just more fun, I finally got out last night with NiallC from the forum for the rerun.  Ended up being a very pleasant evening ride along mainly quiet, unlit country lanes.  Even the rain held off.

Also discovered that a heavy, aerodynamic recumbent and an upright, lightweight fixed gear go (to steal Neill’s words) ’ at totally different speeds if any form of climb / descent is involved’.  The lower bike weight and more efficient upright climbing position is definitely the sole reason for the fixie’s increased climbing prowess.  Absolutely.  Definitely nothing to do with rider fitness…!

Anyway, I’m quite happy with an overall average of 23kph over 2 hours, especially as I still had the normal work luggage on the back.  GPS below (slightly bigger map through clicking on the title)

Cold & Dark Ride 2

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