MacGyver’s Shoes

As subtly hinted at by this morning’s tweet, I have been road testing a budget option of winter-proofing my SPD shoes.

The shoes in all their glory

Shown half-way through the delicate procedure, you may notice one of the bomb-proof Shimano shoes has been subtly modified to block off the toe ventilation.  The end result should hopefully be toasty piggies, whatever the weather.

Does this work?

No.  No it doesn’t.  Snug feet are achieved, even in the stiff breeze and sleet we had this morning.  However, the gaffer cap is already separating off from the toe, so unless you’re happy to recreate this every night, it might be time to pony up for some overshoes.

Anyway, I’ve decided that unless I am physically unable to open the front door due to snow fall tomorrow, the recumbent is getting an outing.  Upright bikes in a headwind are such hard work.  This means that I’ll be leading with a good half inch of rubber sole, and warm feet are a happy bonus.

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