ICE, ICE, baby

The ICE Vortex looks like a bike where the rider is an optional extra.  Even sat still in the showroom it gives off a tingling sense of speed, with that stretched body and big rear wheel; a feeling that the only reason it isn’teven nowsliding silently past the peleton is that the lack of challenge just isn’t worth it.  Really, just look at the machine below and tell me that with a KITT eyescanner thing (you know, from Knight Rider) on the headrest it wouldn’t move off by itself.

This is a long-winded way of saying that I rode behind one for much of Pedal On Parliament, and the rider has just put a review up.  Go and read it.  Not least because it describes me as ‘someone who can climb’…

And yes, it is true that I nearly created a five wheeled Fuego/Vortex monster due to a lack of awareness of respective braking ability.  On a disc braked recumbent you assume that you have the best stopping power available. 

It turns out this is not the case.

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