BMW Resistance

The Fuego was hit head on by a BMW on Thursday afternoon.  Happily it was all at fairly slow speeds, the apologetic driver and a witness stopped and it was only a 2 minute hobble from home.

Damage is fairly limited, although I still need to get it across to Willy Bains for a check over.  From a first look the pedals are gubbed, and I suspect the crankset might be as well (clearly Shimano don’t design them to absorb the impact of two tonnes of car…).  The frame though seems OK – perhaps a benefit of having everything aligned along a single axis.  My knee warmers have scuffed, but all other clothing including the frightfully expensive Gore-tex waterproof has survived.

On a me front, I’ve got a sore knee.  And that’s it, somewhat miraculously.  Had to take today off, but with the aid of some bonus strength ‘brufen should be in slow cycling condition by Monday.

Perhaps the worst part of it all is that I’ve had to pull out of an SJA Three Peaks fundraiser this weekend.  Happily they’ve found a replacement support driver at very late notice (cheers George!), but if anyone is willing to donate please head on over to here and give what you can.  Funds go to Help for Heroes, a variety of Mountain Rescue teams and SJA.

Anyway, some learning points for me from this are that even after a collision this minor, I really struggled to work my phone.  Pen and paper for the win, folks.  The CTC Collision advice line were pretty helpful, but the LFGSS ‘What to do in case of accident‘ probably more so.  Will probably make a little crib sheet/card thing and stick it in my pannier, just in case.

There’s a post in the wings about the biblical rain we had yesterday, so stay tuned…

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Glad you’re ok! Will miss the witty banter this weekend!

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