MetaBike incoming! Probably…

As I’ve hinted in various places over the past few weeks, I’ve finally jumped ship from the Fuego and am awaiting the arrival of a MetaBike.
The decision to part with the Fuego wasn’t an easy one – it’s still a brilliant bike and for almost everyone I’d say is an ideal first recumbent. It’s quick, but with forgiving handling; sporty, but able to carry luggage; and tough as old boots when faced with the lunar-like road surfaces we seem to be stuck with in Scotland. However, mine needed a bit of TLC after a pretty hard winter, and when David at Laid Back Bikes offered me an exchange on a new MetaBike frame I couldn’t really refuse…

I spent a happy few weeks cherry-picking the best components from the various Tour de France-driven online sales and got the whole lot shipped over to Laid Back Bike’s whilst I ran away on holiday to Norway. The plan was for the frame to arrive as I was leaving, David to manage the build, then I’d pick up the completed item next weekend. That would leave me two weeks to run the bike in, prior to a slight baptism of fire on London-Edinburgh-London.

Irritatingly, MetaBike have been exceptionally sluggish in actually posting the frame from Spain, so this is all a little up-in-the-air. From a promised delivery date at the end of June, I learnt last night that the package is still sat on their factory floor, hopefully leaving today (July 9th). Something about a lack of suitable carbon seats, apparently.

We’ll wait and see what happens, but for now I’m a touch concerned!


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So, when is she due to arrive? I made up my mind and I too have one on order, an Metaphrastic in my case. The frame is going to David and he is having the components added as I wanted touring gears that were not a standard option. I am hoping to collect first week of August.

Keen to share learning on this


Oops – should have read the whole post and not just the summary. I see the frame is due to despatch today (or was that manana?) Sounds like yours will be a Metaphysic. I’d be keen to hear how you get on and what you learn that you think would be good to pass on.

Where you cycling in Norway? A tour of the Fjords is one driver for me seeking a two wheeler to add to the trike I am riding right now. (more effecient for hill climbing, small enough to put on a plane)

Norway was two weeks without cycling – taking a bike with me on honeymoon I think would’ve enticed a degree of matrimonal stress… We did spend a bit of time on foot on the Rallarvegen cyclepath between Haugastøl, Finse, Myrdal and down to Flåm by the Sognefjord; I’ve got a bunch of photos I’ll stick up in a few weeks.

MetaBike has arrived in Edinburgh, and is being built up even as we speak! I’ll get to see it on Friday. Build details to follow in a post I’m just about to write!

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