Bike-curious family workshop

Is your family bike curious? Would you like to get cycling with your children but don’t know where to start? Or do you want to move from baby seat to trailer or tagalong?

The Women on Wheels group in Edinburgh have organised a family workshop this Saturday to answer all your questions! Despite the name, it’s definitely not a women-only event; it just fell out of the planning for the overall WoW day.

There’s going to be a bunch of family-focussed bikes and equipment there ranging from child seats, through tag-alongs and trailers, all the way to electric-assist bakfiets like the brand new Urban Arrow. Even more useful, the owners of the bikes will also be there to chat to you about day-to-day life with a family bike. This isn’t a sexy promotional event for manufacturers to roll out gleaming and untested prototypes, and it’s all the better for it!

Urban Arrow bakfiets with custom shark teeth
You show me a child who wouldn’t wee themselves with excitement at seeing this amazing shark-Arrow, and I’ll show you a child that you’ve blindfolded. Photo from the LaidBack photostream, click for more.

There will be a tutor there to help out if you’re feeling a little rusty with your riding, along with a Dr Bike if you want to bring along a cycle that’s had a hard life over the winter.

Being an event with cyclists in attendance, there will also be coffee and cake (probably in vast quantities).

Saturday 14 June between 10 and midday, at Sciennes Primary School (which is a few minutes from the Meadows, and a relatively straightforward 10-minute cycle from Waverley station). It’s followed by a superb-sounding Kidical Mass ride (actual kids not compulsory, although I’m sure someone would be delighted to lend you one for the ride if you were feeling left out).

Come along. You know you love seeing weird bikes.


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Hi, do you happen to have any info the the urban arrow shark decal/ etching? Just got my onw arrow and I want to duplicate it…will a decal adhere to the foam cargo box?

No idea Gary, but I’ll see if I can find out for you! And congratulations on acquiring an exceptionally sexy bike…

Hi Rob and Gary. I am the owner of the shark mouthed arrow. Laid back bikes painted it for me using templates. Expanded polypropylene is not very good to paint on as mine is flaking off even after I touched it up and varnished it. Mask an area off and build up layers of PVA glue then paint on top of that.

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