Games road closures don’t apply to cycling

With only a day left before the first Games event, Glasgow City Council has finally provided residents around Hampden with copies of the temporary Traffic Regulation Orders covering the nearby roads.

Whether you believe it’s an oversight or common sense, the wording of the TRO is clear; the Games road closures only prohibit driving, not cycling.

GCC haven’t managed to get the orders online yet (they should appear here) and I can’t find anything about the Games Lanes; it’s likely that cycling is banned in those. However, all the sideroads that are closed throughout the Games, as well as main routes that have temporary closures, would appear to be fair game to the pedal-powered.

Enjoy your ten days car-free!

(PS: if you happen to find the TRO for the Games Lanes, do let me know…)

excerpt of the Mount Florida TRO
The start of the Mount Florida TRO


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Just an observation – Loads of people on bikes during games (although not on main roads for obvious reasons). Not sure if it’s the weather, road closures, or “travel chaos”, but it is a wonderful sight and a obvious way to get around. Will it last? Unlikely, but a sign of how things could be

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