No Way Back

If you’re peckish, South Side, and bored of the usual dull sandwiches and pasties, No Way Back’s global street food is definitely worth a look.

I had planned to report on Glasgow council’s latest escapades with cycling in our city (they’ve asked everyone to track their journeys using an iPhone app). However, I’ve had such a good weekend that—instead of getting all grumpy about how they’re wasting our money—I’m going to talk about good food instead.

No Way Back is a “global street food joint” on Nithsdale Road, within easy walking distance of a couple of handy places: Queen’s Park, Merry-go-round, Locavore, Tapa, Bungo, and the Glad Cafe (to name a few). It’s a small, friendly place with a reasonably-priced selection of snack and lunch stuff, none of it boring.

Where, when, what?

38 Nithsdale Road, between Locavore and Merry-go-round and opposite Bungo.

Outside of No Way Back
Look for the turquoise paint

Nearest stations are Queens Park or Pollokshields West, but it’s not so good you’ll be making the journey just to go here.

Open at the usual cafe times, plus late Thursday. Closed Sundays.

Very snug inside (and quite often really warm). Five tables (Three big, two small) plus a high window bench. I really like the inside, in particular the lighting.

Lighting in No Way Back
Tell me those aren’t cool lights.

Bikes and babies?

Not that great for bikes. Easiest cycle route is along the particularly unpleasant Pollokshields Road; there’s a cyclepath cut through onto the east end of Nithsdale Road. You could also make something word with the contraflow westbound lane on Torrisdale Street—it’s segregated, so won’t be blocked by parked cars.

Some Sheffield stands between Pollockshields and Nithsdale roads, but watch for glass from the adjacent recycling bins.

Inside of No Way Back
Cosy, but not much room for prams. Hats belong to your noble reviewers.

Also not ideal for babies! Changing table and a single high chair available, but you’d struggle to get more than one pram in (fancy learning about babywearing?). There is an outside table, so you could maybe park outside. Tap water is tasty, but if you’re breastfeeding you might prefer to nip along to Merry-go-round and use their feeding room.

“Dog and vape friendly”, according to their Facebook page. You can decide for yourselves whether that’s a good thing, but I haven’t seen either when I’ve been there.

What’s the grub?

Spicy, bold, different, and full of vegetables. Just the thing to chase away November sniffles (or hangovers…).

Good value too.

You’ve got a couple of boring/expected breakfast choices, but then some much more interesting bits and pieces. Their £3 soups are chunky and filling; I’ve had the Ghanian peanut and chicken spicy soup and the Tuscan bean soup, both of which were great.

No Way Back menu

If soup’s not your thing we’ve also munched through The ODB (a pastrami, mustard, gherkin, and cabbage roll), The Butifarra (like a fat BLT, but with thick, chilli-crusted boiled ham instead of bacon), and the Pernil Pork Taco (which looked good and disappeared before I could requisition a tasting sample…) All highly recommended.

Coffee was strong and delicious (beans from Dear Green Coffee apparently, but very like Tapa’s roast). Usual soft drinks as well as some of the San Pellegrino range.

Anything else?

It really can be very hot inside. Avoid the window seat if you’re not wearing shorts.

Part of the Swipii independent shop loyalty card thing—see here if you haven’t heard of it.

I get that it’s part of the street food thing, but it does slightly bother me that everything is served in disposable pots and paper wraps, even if you’re sitting in. It’s all compostable, but I’d still rather eat soup out of a proper bowl.

Staff are very friendly and chatty, but seem to have only a passing familiarity with what’s actually on offer. Not a big deal as the menu is detailed, but when the food is this good it seems a shame that the front of house aren’t really enthusiastic about it.

The negatives are picky, and the food is good enough to more than make up for it. Go. Try something new.

PS: If you expect foody reviews to come with pictures of the food then I’m going to be an eternal disappointment. My loyalty to you, dear reader, does not extend as far as delaying my eating to whip out the camera. Sorry (not sorry).

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