Vulcan XH558 on farewell tour

If you haven’t seen the last flying Vulcan XH558 yet, you’ve got until the 6th September to sort yourself out. The Vulcan to the Sky trust have decided that there are so many hours on the airframe that it wouldn’t be safe to carry on into next year, so she’ll be retired to a ground display after this season.

Vulcan 2

I could wax lyrical about the “tin triangle” for far longer than you would ever want to read, but I’m also listening to that rarest of events: England Doing Well At The Cricket. Therefore, I’ll just give you a few photos I took when we saw her fly overhead Woodford aerodrome two weekends ago.

Vulcan 3

The display calendar is here. Treat yourself.

You won’t get a second chance.

Vulcan 4

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