Family cycling workshop coming to Glasgow

I’ve written before about the bike-curious family workshop that runs each year in Edinburgh. A bunch of people who already cycle with kids come together with their various contraptions and CTC provide free drinks and cake. Then, anyone who thinks they might be interested in a bit of family cycling in the future can come along and ask questions, try stuff out, and generally have a grand time.

It’s particularly good because you’re speaking to people with no interest in selling you stuff, who can share pearls of wisdom like “this child seat might look fancy, but it’s impossible to buckle up without four hands”.

I’m delighted to say that CTC are bringing it to Glasgow. 13 February 2016 is the data for your diaries, between 1000 and 1400 at Glasgow Bike Station:

There’s a Facebook event here, if that’s your social network of choice. 32 folk are already marked down as coming along, so it should be a good few hours.

As additional bonuses: the Bike Station will be holding a discounted bike sale; there’ll be a Dr Bike around to eradicated the troubling squeak you’ve been putting up with for the last month; there’s a bunch of cycling-related entertainment for kids from balance-bike ages and upwards; and also some bike-related crafty stuff.

Plus the free cake.

Hopefully see you there. I’ll be on the brown upright bicycle with the wooden box, and I’ll have a Hamax Caress childseat and a Toddlebike with me if you want to chat about either of those.

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