Pedal on Parliament needs you! And cash.

You might recall from a few weeks ago that I mentioned Pedal on Parliament was happening in at least three cities this year including, for the first time ever, Glasgow.

We had a frantic few weeks trying to work out what the final bill was going to be from Glasgow, but we’re now merrily trundling towards that weekend in April (22nd for Edinburgh and Aberdeen, 23rd for Glasgow).

Or at least, we will be if the crowdfunder raises £3k by that point. We’re doing well after a couple of days, but please: if you can, dip into your pocket and lob a few quid into the pot. There’s a range of cracking rewards, if that helps!

The crowdfunder is here:

And, because it’s late, I’m going to liberally plagiarise that page:

Pedal on Parliament is a grassroots organisation, made up of ordinary people just like you. We are united by our desire to make it safer and easier for everyone to ride a bike – whatever bike they ride (and especially if they don’t ride a bike yet).

We’ve held five successful protests in Edinburgh- with simultaneous events in Aberdeen in the last two years – where thousands of us have cycled and walked from the Meadows to the Scottish Parliament. Party leaders have ridden with us. We’ve made the news. We’ve had a joyous cavalcade of children, parents, polis, grannies and dogs on one, two, three or four human-powered wheels.

This year, we are making Pedal on Parliament bigger than ever ahead of the local elections in May. We are planning protests in Aberdeen and Edinburgh (April 22nd) and Glasgow (April 23rd). It turns out that this is quite a lot more expensive than you’d think, so we need to raise some money. And that’s where you can help! Please support our Crowdfunder.
Pedal on Parliament “Who are we?”

Let’s help Katie cycle again, eh?

Please help.

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