Man vs Baby’s mum of the year award 2017

It’s possible that you don’t follow Matt Coyne’s Man vs Baby’s blog. Possibly because you’re not on Facebook, or because you’re too easily offended by someone writing childish notes and affixing them to the windscreen of someone blocking a parent-and-child space at a supermarket.

Last week Matt grumbled that the Celebrity Mum of the Year 2017 award (sponsored by a liposuction company, no less), was maybe a little out of touch with modern parenting:

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure all the candidates are great mums.. and I’ve no doubt they all have their own crap to deal with; the constant scrutiny, press intrusion… and Coleen obviously has to deal with the fact that she is married to a f*cking potato.

But, and I’m not being a dick about it, who is really ‘inspired’ by them?

Inspiring?.. from what I’m told, a lot of celebrity mums just reinforce the feelings of insecurity and guilt that a lot of ‘normal’ mums feel. They bang on about their ‘snap-back’ bodies and post instagram stories of themselves looking perfect.. never unkempt, never tired and always f*cking baking or doing yoga.

And it strikes me that maybe these celeb mums should be more inspired by ‘regular’ mums rather than the other way round.
Man vs Baby

He finished by saying that he’d run an alternative mum-of-the-year award, based on nominations received and voted on in his Facebook comments.

That sounds much more like something I can get behind, so I’m delighted to report that Matt’s just announced this year’s winner: Missy Hutton.

Hats off – Missy sounds a thoroughly worthy winner.

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