(Another) bike curious family workshop

You’re an intelligent person. I can see that.

Switched on. Alert.

Finger on the beating pulse of the web.

As such, I’m not going to just copy last year’s post on this. We both know you’d pick up such idleness and bland deception in a flash.

The Women on Wheels group is holding their second Bike Curious family workshop in Edinburgh on Saturday 13 June 2015. It’s definitely not just for women, nor is it really just for families.

From 10 until 12 at Sciennes Primary School (map here) you’ll be able to chat to experienced everyday cyclists (some may sign autographs) about the bikes and add-ons they use to make cycling a safe and efficient part of their normal lives. Whether it’s shifting kids or groceries, briefcases or books; they’ll be someone there that can demonstrate how it can be done.

There’ll be panniers. Child seats. Tandems. Cargo bikes. Trailers. Tagalongs. Trailgators. CAKE. And coffee.

Afterwards, they’ll be an easy family bike ride, if you feel like it.

It’s all free, so come along and say hello.

PS: there will be at least one Urban Arrow there, which remains the coolest bike in Scotland.

Urban Arrow bakfiets with custom shark teeth
You show me a child who wouldn’t wee themselves with excitement at seeing this amazing shark-Arrow, and I’ll show you a child that you’ve blindfolded. Photo from the LaidBack photostream, click for more.



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