Antilop IKEA high chair review

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote anything baby related, so I’ll treat you to a review of the best value child-thing you’ll ever buy: the £13 IKEA Antilop high chair.

(PS if you’ve stumbled here from the cycling side of the site go and have a look at VeloViewer instead. I discovered it over the weekend, and am already in love.)

Anyway, back to the high chair.

Antilop high chair full view

That looks familiar…

You’ll find these absolutely everywhere. I reckon half of all cafe high chair are Antilops, and for good reason. They’re sturdy, lightweight, stackable (less of a bonus for the home user, admittedly), and have no awkward nooks and crevices to trap last night’s pasta sauce.

Front view of the Antilop high chair
Look at all that smooth, rounded, easy-to-wipe-down plastic

The legs pop off with slightly awkward push-button-hole-things, making the entire thing pack down into a remarkably small space if you’re travelling.

Closeup of the leg release on the high chair
You know, these things. Obviously.

There is a three-way lap belt, which you can thankfully remove for ease of cleaning if you don’t intend to leave your child unaccompanied.

The tray detaches relatively easily if you want to push the chair right up to a table, and all the edges are rounded.

Antilop high chair next to table
Ably demonstrated here by my glamorous assistant.

I’m running out of things to say. It’s a £13 high chair. Unless you absolutely must have one that matches the décor of your dining room, just grab this and treat yourself to a bottle of wine or two.

Additional bonus: you’ve got a good chance that the high chair in your favourite eating establishment will now be a familiar place for your little cherub.

Further additional bonus: if you’ve got wooden flooring it’s light enough to be used as a walking frame…

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