space4cycling Glasgow’s tour of the College’s Route

space4cycling Glasgow held our second infrastructure tour tonight, following the College’s Route from the city centre towards the west end.

This is a route that the council claims is safe for anyone over the age of ten, and it just isn’t. Not only is it almost impossible to follow, it’s just full of awful, dangerous design. My personal favourite is the kerb and bollard that suddenly blocks a cyclelane and forces you out into traffic, but there’s plenty of other examples worthy of a good slow clap. Door zone lanes, chicanes, exceptionally narrow lanes, no lane at all. You name it, we saw it.

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Forgive the dodgy focus; the camera was definitely struggling in the gathering gloom, especially given most of the time I didn’t actually stop to take the photo…

If you want to recreate the experience, the Strava track is at the bottom of this post (you want the bit from Buchanan St heading west). Good luck!

If you want to recreate the experience of meeting a bunch of similar-minded folk and having a fine time, then I have a much more straightforward proposition. Come to the SECC this Sunday at 1215. We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote are leading some Green Party delegates (and anyone else we can persuade to join us!) on a cycling tour of the wonders of Glasgow. Hopefully see you there!


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Hope you got a couple of shots of First Glasgow 37198 on service 4 at c 18.50 on University Avenue/Hyndland Road – driver had totally unprofessional approach to anticipation of hazards, by beginning an overtaking move on the group as they approached a traffic island AND he was intending to pull in at a bus stop (like magically THROUGH the cyclists?)

The lack of planning/andticipation was further proven as the same driver tried to force through in the right hand lane, on a car driver legitimately travelling straight across at the cross roads with Byres Road, and then trying to pull in to the bus stop.

He further demonstrated his inability to plan ahead at the bus stop just past the junction of Clarence Drive and Crow Road by stopping alongside the No 16 bus already at the stop, and blocking the road, with traffic then blocking back across the junction, and putting passengers off his bus on to the carriageway in front of other bus.

If the video is good enough quality I’ll fwd to Ms Kerr his MD

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